Moving to QuickBooks

Ours is a tried and tested process that we've made as simple and efficient as possible. However, we want to help you understand what the steps are and what results you can expect.

Please take a moment to read the important information below. If you have any questions, just ask, otherwise hit the order now button and we'll get going.

Options and prices

We have 2 simple pricing options for you to choose from, depending on whether you want more or less transaction history. Additional years of transaction history can be purchased for £60 +VAT per year.

Data converted Convert 12 Convert 24
Customer information and balances
Supplier information and balances
Chart of accounts and balances
Individual transactions in detail Up to 12 months Up to 24 months
£120 +VAT £180 +VAT

FREE for a limited time! As a special promotion Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, will cover the cost of a Convert 24 conversion for you. So order now, and convert to QuickBooks Online while you can do it for free.

How the conversion process works

Converting your accounts data is easy. You simply fill in the online order form, choose your conversion option and upload your backup file. We then  convert your data into a new QuickBooks company and invite you in to review the results. Once you confirm you are happy with everything we transfer the organisation to you.

We convert all of the core, important accounting data for you. This includes your chart of accounts and all of the balances on those accounts. Customer and supplier contact details together with the balances on all customer and supplier accounts are converted too. We also copy your individual transactions in detail.

Please understand that it is impossible to make an exact copy of your data in a different accounting system. There will be some information that we can't convert and some information will look different when converted (see below). You can be confident, however, that your financial data will be accurate overall.

Due to the limitations imposed on us by the software you are converting from and to, there will usually be some tidying up work that you'll want to do once the conversion is complete. We've done our best to make sure this is as little as possible and provide you with full guidance on these post-conversion tasks (see below).

Important stuff to know before ordering

For detailed information on frequently asked questions, the limitations of what we can and can't convert and guidance on completing the post-conversion tasks click the following links:

Frequently asked questions  |   Limitations of service   |   Completing post-conversion tasks