Accounting data conversion

Bring your existing data along with you when you move to new cloud accounting software.

Fast, easy data conversion to Xero, QuickBooks Online and Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

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How it works

Our clever online software will do all of the work for you.

Following an easy, step-by-step process it will collect your source data, walk you through adding a new account in Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage and then move it to your new online account, with the options you specify.

Then you relax and wait for our email confirming when the conversion is complete.


It's quick

Starting your conversion takes just 10 minutes. Then our software will typically complete the conversion in a couple of hours.

If you convert over lunchtime, you can go grab a sandwich and be up and running in your new online accounting software in the afternoon.


What gets converted

Our software will move the Chart of Accounts, Customer data, Supplier data and individual Transactions for the current and previous accounting years.

All of the Nominal/General Ledger, Customer and Supplier balances will be the same as in the source data.


Things you should know

Because all accounting software is different, it is impossible to make an exact replica of your source data in your new online destination. You will, however, have a complete and accurate representation of all of your key accounting information.

You may have some tidying up to do post-conversion. This will normally only take a few minutes to complete and we provide full and easy to follow instructions.


You can trust the experts

We send a feedback survey to every customer after every conversion because we're confident in the quality of service we provide. That's why our Trustpilot reviews are excellent.

You can trust us with your accounting data and be assured that you will be completely happy with the results of your conversion.


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