12 Years of data you say?

When it comes to starting a new accounting system, broadly speaking there's two types of people. Those that like a fresh start and those that want to take their data with them. 

Our most popular conversion is the Convert 24 service that transfers across transactional data for the current year-to-date and the previous financial year. You can, however, take up the option to add extra years to your conversion. This has the benefit of being able to compare data for a particular period over many years. 

Recently we had a customer push this to the extreme requesting 12 years of historical data! If that sounds like a lot that's because it is. It's easy to think "So what does it matter? 2 years or 20, the process is the same – right?" Well yes and no. We don't change the way the conversion works but there are complications. 

For example, this was a conversion to Xero which was founded in 2006. In Xero it's not possible to set a Conversion Date (the date chosen to start entering day-to-day transactions) prior to January 2006 because Xero organisations don't expect any business to have transactional data prior to January 2006. Converting transactional data back to 2004 isn't therefore quite as easy as you might expect.



This doesn't even take into account API limits or other volume related problems moving 12 years of data. 

Undeterred and enjoying a challenge, our dedicated Development Team put their minds to solving this task. And they did. We had to use our developmental testing environment to complete the conversion (meaning it won't work yet if you try this yourself) but it successfully completed with only one transaction failing to convert. That's not uncommon and after a two minute fix it was ready for the customer. 

We think this is quite an achievement and we're wondering if this company might have the earliest start date in Xero. We'd love to find out.