Converting over lunch is now a reality

Our new, Self-Drive option has been available for a couple of months now so it seems appropriate to provide an update.

This new service allows our customers to process their own data conversions using our simple, online software. Accounting data for Sage and QuickBooks desktop being converted to Xero or QuickBooks Online is supported.

This was an amazing service and saved our business days.
— Luke Sherriff, Pinks Boutique

In July 2016 73% of all Movemybooks conversions were Self-Drive and the average time taken to complete a conversion was 80 minutes. Yep, just an hour and twenty minutes to leave your old software behind and be up and running in the cloud. [According to our logs the quickest conversion took just 7 minutes!]

We're really pleased that our new Self-Drive service is working well and is so popular, but we know it can be even better and we're already working on improvements. If you've used it and have some feedback we'd love to hear it.

Self-drive conversions are here

Start your conversion before lunch and be working in the new data in the afternoon.

Today is a big day for Movemybooks. We have launched our self-drive conversion service. You can now convert your accounting data yourself, with our easy to use online software.

Previously, we asked you to send us a backup file and then you would wait a few days for us to convert it and get back to you. Now you can upload and convert the data at your desk, at a time to suit you. Setting up and initiating a conversion will typically take 10 minutes and it will usually complete in a couple of hours.

Start your conversion before lunch and be ready to work with the new account in the afternoon.

The first time you use the new software you'll need to register and then you just sign in again each time you are ready to go.

We've spent a long time making the software slick and easy to use - mostly you just need to click on the green buttons as you go. Here's a summary of the process:

  1. Setup the conversion (where you are converting from and to and for what dates)
  2. Extract the data from Sage or QuickBooks desktop (using our extractor app)
  3. Setup a new destination account (a new Xero organisation or QuickBooks company)
  4. Authorise the transfer from Movemybooks to the destination
  5. Go do something else and Movemybooks will email you when the conversion is done

We're sure that you enjoy now being in control of your own conversions. It will be a quicker and more convenient service for you. If you have any questions, please get in touch.