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Does your data include foreign currency?

Multi-currency conversions from QuickBooks (& QBO) are not supported. You can try it but it might not work. Multi-currency transactions in Sage will be converted into home currency.

Tips for a successful conversion

Change the "Transaction To Date" to maximise your conversion period or include future dated transactions.

Fix chart of accounts problems or data errors prior to converting. Sorting problems before is easier than after.

Stop using your source software. Prevent duplicating work and know what data should have converted.

After you have converted

Be prepared to tidy your data after the conversion completes, as things might need adjusting slightly. We’ll send you guidance on this though.


It’s very important you read the limitations linked to on the left. They provide details regarding:

  • VAT

  • Foreign Currency

  • Transaction Limits

  • Workarounds

  • Much more

We know you just want to get going converting but we’re trying to be as transparent as we can. We don’t want you to be disappointed when you find out some business critical information you need hasn’t been converted as you expected.