What happens next

When we receive this information we restore the backup file (if there is one) and check that the data is compatible with your order. We then send you an email, confirming your order and start the conversion process.

Invite us into  your Exact company

We require you to create an empty Exact company and provide us with temporary access. Further details are provided in the order confirmation email. We will then convert the Sage data into your new Exact company. Once complete, you can remove our access.

FREE for a limited time! As a special promotion, Exact will cover the cost of a Convert 24 conversion for you. So order now, and convert to Exact while you can do it for free.

Ordering extra years

If you would like additional years of historical transactions you must select the Convert 24 option and then use the "More data" box to specify how many additional years you require.

Turnaround time

We expect to have your conversion completed within 3 working days of receiving your order but it's usually quicker than that. Often we can have it done for you the same business day.

Username and password

In order to restore the backup file you are uploading, we need a username and password. We need the "manager" or equivalent user login for Sage and the Admin login for QuickBooks.

Can't submit your order?

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  1. Click the padlock in your browser address bar
  2. Click the dropdown next to "Flash"
  3. Always allow on this site