What happens next

When we receive this information we'll restore the backup file and start fixing your conversion. We'll send you email updates informing you of progress. Please note that we cannot guarantee being able to fix your conversion, but we'll do our very best.

We may create a new QuickBooks company

It is not possible for us to fix your existing QuickBooks company. If not, we'll create a new QuickBooks company and then convert your data into it. Once complete, we invite you into the company and transfer it to your own billing account.

FREE service. As present Intuit, will cover the cost of the Fix it for me service for you.

Turnaround time

We'll try our best to get your conversion fixed as quickly as possible and will keep you informed on progress. Unfortunately, because we don't know what we will find, we can't give you a definite turnaround time.

Username and password

In order to restore the backup file you are uploading, we need a username and password. We need the "manager" or equivalent user login for Sage and the Admin login for QuickBooks.

Can't submit your order?

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