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The choice to move accounting platforms might be made by an end user, but generally accountants are very much part of the decision proccess. Accountants are often involved in helping clients to get set-up on their new accounting software, and Movemybooks is here to help make this as straightforward as possible, whether you direct your clients to us or you do the migration on their behalf.

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 Source data

If you don’t have access to the same desktop software that your client is converting from, you can securely send the backup file to us. We will perform the that stage in our setup process that copies the data so you can then complete the remaining steps.


Chart of Accounts template

Changing accounting software provides a good opportunity to tidy a few things. For basic changes to names, codes or descriptions, it’s usually best to amend whichever software you’re more familiar with. For any changes you consider making in the source system prior to converting check whether the destination system supports the same feature or functionality you’re amending. It’s best to make sure the chart of accounts is free from any errors or omissions before converting.

Shell organisations

If you already have empty or test organisations you’re planning on using to receive the converted data, there’s a few things to note. The destination organisation or company needs to be empty except for the company name, year-end and tax scheme. This may mean you’re unable to use one with an already amended chart of account or one that already includes (deleted) transactions. You may need to purge the company of all data (if possible) before converting.

Thinking of migrating many clients?

Get in touch if you require assistance or have a query.

If you have over 25 conversions to complete at the same time, as we will be able to help you save time as our team can do some of the steps to streamline your migrations.