Frequently asked about converting to Exact

What is Movemybooks?

Movemybooks is online software by Ledgerscope, experts at providing productivity tools for accountants. Movemybooks converts company accounting and financial data and loads it in to Exact. We can currently transfer data from Sage and QuickBooks Desktop.

Is Movemybooks endorsed by Exact?

Yes. Although Movemybooks is not part of Exact, we work in partnership with Exact to ensure we’re able to transfer data swiftly and accurately. Exact recommends using Movemybooks to transfer data to Exact from Sage or QuickBooks Desktop.

How long will it take to transfer the data?

We usually ask customers to allow 3 working days for a conversion.

How will the data be used?

When you upload the data, our software simply converts it to Exact format. We don’t review it in detail, share it with anyone outside our business, or use it for anything else. We do not retain the data permanently and it will be deleted from our servers after 3 months.

How will the data be protected?

Our online software is protected by strong encryption. This scrambles the data, making it virtually impossible to intercept and decode online. Data is stored encrypted on our servers. We also make sure data is encrypted when we transfer it to Exact.

How much does the service cost?

Our pricing is clear and transparent and available on our homepage. We will create a new Exact organisation for each conversion and transfer the .subscription to you at the end of the process.

Can I move more than two years of transactions?

Yes at an additional cost per extra year. See the pricing information on our homepage.

I’ve already created an Exact organisation, can I still migrate existing desktop data to that account?

Yes, but only provided that the new organisation does not contain any data. If this is not the case, then the conversion will stop and you will need to provide a new, empty organisation in order to proceed.

What desktop software can I convert from?

UK versions 2008 (v14)+ of Sage 50 / Instant Accounting and UK versions 2008+ of QuickBooks desktop. We only convert to the UK version of Exact.

Can I convert clients who work with foreign currencies?

Data which includes foreign currencies will be converted in the same way as other data. However, all foreign currency amounts will be changed to the home currency values. Factors specific to QuickBooks, and beyond our control, usually mean the conversion result is not completely accurate. We cannot therefore support fixing your conversion and you will need to accept the conversion results "as is".

Do you support hosted desktops?

We work on a variety of hosted desktops. There is no requirement to install anything, but the extractor application will need to have permissions to run. Most of the time this isn't an issue but if you've tried it and it doesn't work then your hosting provider should be able to help and our support team will be happy to talk to them about it.