Next steps after converting to Sage Business Cloud Accounting

We try to make your conversion as comprehensive as possible, aiming to save you as much time as we can. However, there are some things that we are not able to do because of limitations in the software process we use.

This means that there will be some post-conversion tasks that you will need to perform and this document is provided as a guide to completing these tasks. The post-conversion tasks should be done as soon as possible after your conversion. If you encounter problems or think something might not be right please refer to our troubleshooting page.


These are the tasks you will need to perform post-conversion:

  • Tidy the VAT
  • Tidy foreign currency (if applicable)
  • Miscellaneous changes

Tidy the VAT

We do not set your VAT number and return periods. This is something that you will want to correct before completing your next VAT return.

Go to Settings > Financial Settings > Accounting Dates & VAT

Accounting Dates & VAT Setting.png

You can now set your VAT details as required.

File the most recent VAT period you've already submitted to HMRC. Sage will then be able to recognise any future transactions entered that are dated back into historical VAT period as "late" claims. These should then automatically be included in the next VAT Return.

Click the Reports menu and select VAT Return.

reporting VAT.png

Pick the date for the most recently submitted VAT Return. Calculate the Return to show the appropriate details.

VAT dates.png

Sage Business Cloud Accounting will display if there's any transactions prior to the calculated VAT Return that haven't already been included in a VAT Return. Choose "Now - Include them on this return.".

Include transactions on VAT.png

Now, choose Save this return and submit it later and then click Save

save submit later.png

If the payment for this return period has already been made within the conversion period  then it will already have been converted. You will then need to leave this VAT return unpaid in Sage Business Cloud Accounting so as not to duplicate payments.

If the return has not already been paid in the conversion period you will be able to apply the payment without creating any duplicate.

Note that we don't expect this VAT Return to agree to the last one submitted to HMRC.

Note also that when preparing your first VAT Return in Sage Business Cloud Accounting, it won't include any unfiled "late" claims relating to prior periods and may be incorrect if we'd had to use some workarounds. We recommend you carefully check the figures in this first VAT Return. If the figures provided by Sage Business Cloud Accounting are different to those you need to file with HMRC you may need to manually submit an adjusted VAT Return direct to HMRC. This should only affect the first VAT Return to be submitted to HMRC. Subsequent VAT Returns should not require any manual adjustments. To read more about why VAT Returns may be different for the same period in the old and new software please click here.

Miscellaneous Changes

Change first and last name

Change business address and telephone number

Enter/amend Record and Transactions Settings

Chart of Accounts changes

  1. Assign an appropriate new name and nominal code to control accounts 0001 - 0011
  2. Edit the category for bank account in the chart of accounts
smaller edit bank coa.gif