Import your file to complete the conversi0n

We've prepared your conversion file that you'll need to import into Sage Accounting to complete the conversion process. We're providing this file because you've indicated you're an accountant.

If you have an existing Partner Pack with promotional rates available please contact with details of the ‘Client’ name as it appears in your Accounting Partner Edition and the email address you use to login.

To import the attached file please log into Sage Accounting Partner Edition and click Add New Client > Migrate a Client:

MMB Sage Import Json.png

Click the Upload JSON file button:

MMB Sage Upload JSON.png

Browse to the file and click Open. A few seconds later a confirmation will appear. Check the name of the company is correct but ignore the (placeholder) company address. Click Migrate Client to continue:

MMB Sage Migrate Client.png

The time taken to process the upload will vary significantly but could take many hours to complete. During this time you can close your browser or computer without interrupting the process.

You can also check on the progress by clicking on the Pending tab of the Client List. Hover over or mouse over the Migrating Business status for more information:

MMB Sage Pending Status.png

If an error occurs a popup will appear indicating the problem and you'll be able to download an error file:

Please contact and include a copy of the error file and the JSON file you imported.

Where the migration completes successfully, you're welcome to double-check it and let us know immediately if you think something is wrong.