Issue Affecting Conversions to QuickBooks Online


Intuit are currently experiencing issues that affect conversions to QuickBooks Online. If your business is VAT registered and you have purchased items from a non-VAT registered supplier then your conversion will be affected and won't be successful.  We strongly recommend you postpone converting until this is resolved.


We've provided Intuit with all the information we can regarding this. We don't have any idea when they will resolve this issue and can't provide any approximate timeframe. As soon as we have any new information we'll either remove the announcement bar you see in pink at the top of this page, or update this page with the latest information.


If you wish to convert using the Movemybooks conversion service you've no choice but to wait. Alternatively, if urgent,  you could choose not to use Movemybooks and instead to manually perform a "balances only" conversion. You may wish to consult with Intuit as to the best option available to you.


We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope you understand this issue is outside of our control. We hope to have our usual service operating as soon as we can.